Wholesaler to Cambodia, men's clothing factory

Hi my Friends We provide fashion items 

Delivery countries: Cambodia, Laos, Thailand....

 [ Order lots] - 200, 500 -1000 /lot (5-10 colors)

 -> Group wholesaler : https://zalo.me/g/ewysza398

-> Group Telegrame wholesaler : https://t.me/wholesalerhcmVip1

-> Polo, T-shirt, jacket, khaki shorts, box bag shorts Khaki fabric, Beautiful goods like the picture Tailor made to order

We provided shopping network in Cambodia, Thailand
offer fashion goods, T-shirts, shorts, trouser pocket box
You are wholesaler, you find good best price 
You add : zalo/Telegram / whatapp 0084-938885933
Group zalo : https://zalo.me/g/ewysza398

Group Telegrame: https://t.me/wholesalerhcmVip1

Group facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/338605985341298


Good price - Prestige - Quality - Enthusiasm MOQ 
Shop no longer has problems with price and inventory 
Shop wants to have a variety of colors and product models but not to order too much Limit the risk of selling wherever you want Lowest sample up cost in the market Unlimited design, comfortable fabric to upgrade the brand 
zalo/ whatsapp : 0938.885.933 
HCM: 341/26 Lac Long Quan, Ward 05, District 11,Ho Chi Minh City 
Wholesaler to Cambodia, Malay, Laos... 
Join group wholesaler :https://zalo.me/g/ewysza398



Wholesaler to Cambodia, men's clothing factory

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